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Why go Green?
There are numerous benefits to living in a green home. Using a third party to test and verify the performance of your systems will help you insure the intended outcomes are being achieved and you are realizing the maximum impact of your new, green home.  Some of the benefits include:

Lower energy bills
Green means better insulation, tight ductwork, sealed doors and windows, efficient heating and cooling, efficient lighting and appliances. All of these contribute to lower electric and gas bills.

Healthier indoor air quality
Green means means a more efficient exchange of fresh air throughout the house with air filters that are working properly so we breathe clean air. This results in a much smaller chance of mold or mildew and some relief from allergy symptoms caused by pollen and other outside allergens.

More Comfortable Environment
Green means a tighter seal on your living space so less noise comes in, less dust enters your home and more even heating and cooling for fewer hot and cold spots throughout the house.

Meeting your Green Home Goals
Talk with your building professional about how you can work with an independent Energy Consultant to realize your green home goals.