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Our Approach
We focus on providing the right guidance in the right format to the right people at the right time across large and small-scale projects.  Our wide range of services can be packaged and customized to help you meet your unique project and performance goals.

Measurement and Verification
We use the most current and effective diagnostic to assess the effectiveness of design and construction details. We help you ensure your design performs and your construction quality delivers.  Diagnostics include:
•  Duct Blaster Testing
•  Blower Door Leakage Testing
•  Thermal Imaging

Assessment & Certification Services
GreenHome Georgia performs the Duct and Envelope Tightness Testing necessary for Georgia Energy Conservation Code compliance as well as several additional energy assessment options you may wish to consider.

Single and Multifamily Services 
•  EarthCraft
•  NAHB Green
•  HERS ratings
•  EnergyStar v3.0
•  Rebate Programs and Potential Tax Credits

Commercial Services
• Certified Energy Manager
• Professional Engineering

“GreenHome Georgia works with your team from the initial planning and design process through the verification and certification of your project.  Our personalized approach insures you will have a highly skilled partner to assist with evaluations and recommendations throughout the project.  We understand the demands of planning and construction and are here to help you efficiently, design and implement Green homes.

Rick Stepp